Monday, December 29, 2008

Diet Day 4

So far I have learned that keeping the house clean is essential to working out.  Just a part of having life in order and not having excuses.  I also have learned that now that I have scheduled and check listed my life I need to be more active.  So today we added in a routine at the house. Elliptical trainer and yoga workout.

Yesterday I did have a few fabulous smoothies simply made with 3/4 frozen fruit and then filled to the top with unsweetened fruit juice.  A nice treat.  Today I would kill for a slice of bread, a sandwich or a burger.  I am ready for beef tomorrow and have a steak thawing.  It may be for breakfast!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Diet day 3

Well the diet says that you will notice a change in your bowel movements on day 3 and may want to have some fibre.  I noticed it yesterday but forgot to pick-up fibre at the grocery store. I did however, invest in a scale, it has tabs around the dial that I love I used them to mark my start weight, current weight and target weight so I can watch my progress.  I think the more it is in my face the more successful I will be.

The baked potato last night was delicious and needed as I just couldn't get full.  The potato did the trick.  Instead of butter though I used fat free sour cream (my preference).  Yesterday was nice though I was really ready for some veggies.  I made a honey mustard veggie dip (fat free)  and I made a little stir fry, I used a non stick pan and no oil.  

I took my measurements today with a measuring tape.. I need to get one meant for bodies.. pretty depressing.  I have found it really hard to reinvent myself it adds to the grief of losing my husband but I need to do it for my baby and I would like to do it before his first birthday so he doesn't have any memories of mommy not being able to keep up.

I signed up today for a contest to carry the olympic torch part of the way.  If I am accepted wouldn't that be awesome motivation?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 2

I was totally ready for a salad for breakfast.  I was craving veggies by 5pm yesterday.  

Christopher was fussy last night so we were up by 6, he fell asleep in his swing and I got the house completely cleaned and we are ready for a productive day.

Things I did not do so well yesterday - I did not drink enough water and I didn't read Chistopher a story.  I have already read him one story this morning but I think I need to do a chart for Christopher to make sure I am doing enough play with him everyday and make the most of my mat leave.  I only have 8 months left... he is growing so fast!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day1- boxing day

328 lbs.. the goal 175 lbs by July 26th and a size 14.

I started the day by making a chart of things to do each day including cleaning, eating right and lots of activity.  I also made a collage of life once I lose the weight making sure to put pictures of fruit and veggies on it as well and put both on the fridge.

Today was tough .. craving something sweet.. I ate a lot of Christmas oranges and made a applesauce from pureed apples and cinnamon.  I had the soup 3 times today so far.

I need to get a scale and new runners. I want to investigate some cleanses and maybe hydroxycut to go along with the diet.

The Diet

Well HEre I am 32 and 328 lbs.

Here is the diet 
The Soup
1-2 cans of tomatoes (stewed or diced)
3 lrg onions
1 pkg onion soup or chicken soup mix (NOT chicken noodle)
1 bunch celery
2 can green beans (or fresh)
2 lbs carrots
Season with Salt and Pepper

bread, alcohol, carbonated beverages (including diet drinks)
6-8 glasses of water, unsweetened fruit juices, cranberry juice and skim milk

Tea including herbal and black coffee are ok

Day 1
Soup and any fruit
Watermelon and cantaloupe are the best as they are lowest in calories

Day 2 
Soup and Vegetables (no dried beans, peas or corn)
Reward yourself at supper with a baked potato and butter

Day 3 
Soup + Fruit+Veggies

Day 4
Soup + Bananas and Skim milk
Eat at least 3 Bananas and drink as much milk as possible

Day 5
Soup+ Beef and Tomatoes
1 can or as many whole tomatoes as you want
10-12 oz of beef
Have the soup at least once

Day 6
Soup + Beef and Veggies
Eat 2-3 steaks if you wish

Day 7 
Soup+Unsweetened fruit juice+Brown Rice and veggies

You can add veggies to the rice but do not use oil or any stock to make the rice