Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Woes

Well yesterday Christopher was so constipated he was in tears. I called health link and they offered a few hydrating solutions but the cure that worked like a miracle was YJ. I mixed 1 ounce of YJ with and ounce of apple juice and within 30 minutes everything was back in order. It is still in order today! He also loved the juice! I was surprised I thought it would be to sour for him but he loves it! I am giving him a little everyday from now on!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lonely Nights

Well.. the diet is working.  I am in the smallest pair of pants I own.  I have however been craving beef.  Today I had a small steak.. it was delicious.

The only thing is as I fill my days my nights seem more lonely.  I spend more time in the evenings missing my husband.  It seems the more routine things became the more obvious the times are that Chris is not here.  Earlier when days ran into days I missed Chris but it wasn't like it is now it was frequent but not every night when chores were done and I sit down to watch television.