Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Revamping the diet

The soup diet isn't working for me.  I am losing weight but not fast enough and it leads to bindging when I do eat out.  I am craving eggs, pasta everything.  So here is my new plan.. water.. that has been my weakness I will finish the water jug daily even if it means chugging it at the end of the day.
So I will do a shake (carnation) since I have a bunch in my cupboard from before my husband passed away or a smoothie for breakfast.  For lunch I will do soup or salad making sure to practice portion control.. no more than a small soup bowl of food. Then a piece of fruit or cup of Zero yogurt if desired afterward.  Supper will be sensible.. no more than a small soup bowl of food but It will include meat or eggs and veggies and maybe even brown rice or whole wheat pasta.
I am also adding two squares of dark chocolate and one cup of green tea a day to my diet.  The dark chocolate is a nice treat and has some excellent health benefits especially with my weight induced health risks that it can help curb.  Green tea is supposed to have weight loss properties.

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